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Rose-Cut Diamonds: Your Complete Guide

Rose-cut diamonds scattered in a diamond tray | Rose-cut diamonds are increasing in popularity as understated and elegant alternatives to the traditional brilliant-cut diamond
Rose-Cut Diamonds are becoming an increasingly desirable alternative to the traditional brilliant-cut diamond.

Are you considering choosing a rose-cut diamond for your engagement ring or perhaps wondering what rose-cut diamonds are? Read on to learn more about these diamonds and how their understated elegance could work for you.

What are Rose-Cut Diamonds?

Rose-cut diamond rings have made a tremendous resurgence with the romantic, modern bride in recent years, and it’s evident they’re here to stay. The rose-cut diamond has a 500-year history and has become a popular alternative to more classic diamond cuts. The stone has an ethereal, delicate quality and harkens back to a simpler time. Its shine rather than sparkle comes from its flat base and domed top, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a subtle and graceful engagement ring (or, in fact, those who are partial to the contradiction of wearing a diamond that doesn’t “sparkle” in the traditional sense).

A stunning necklace boasting an elegant rose-cut diamond and several other diamond cuts, designed and manufactured by Mark Solomon Jewellers
A stunning necklace boasting an elegant rose-cut diamond, designed and manufactured by Mark Solomon Jewellers

History of Rose-Cut Diamonds

The rose-cut diamond was a favourite throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras when many diamond shapes developed in the Dutch region of Europe. Diamonds were still measured and cut by hand in the 16th century, and the rose-cut diamond was intended to imitate the spiral of petals in a rosebud.

Technological advancements in candle-making were an unexpected driving element in the increased popularity of diamond evening jewelry. By candlelight, nothing shimmered brighter and sweeter than rose-cut diamonds. Candles were scarce and costly (not to mention heavily taxed) before the Georgian Era, when discoveries in wick and candle production, as well as cleaner, longer-burning candle “recipes,” made them available to the masses and the wealthy. The effect on the diamond-wearing public was electric.

With the introduction of contemporary jewellery designs, the rose cut fell out of favour, and in the twentieth century, it was entirely eclipsed by the popularity of brilliant-cut diamonds. Because diamonds were cut to optimize carat weight using simpler equipment during the rose cut period, the development of later technologies increased the value of diamonds by better revealing the brightness and fire in the stone.

Jewellers sought to reproduce some of this brightness by backing rose-cut diamonds with a thin coating of sparkling metal foil in many antique jewellery settings. When the stone is placed with foil, it helps to reflect light up to the crown. When new technology became available, most antique rose cuts were re-faceted in this dazzling style. As a result, authentic antique rose cuts have become exceedingly rare and expensive.

Presently, rose cuts gain strong appeal as more people gravitate to creative alternatives to conventional diamond shapes.

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Rose-Cut Diamonds

Rose-cut diamonds are substantial, reasonably priced, incredibly customizable in shape, and intriguingly transparent. Furthermore, the stone is comfortable because of its shallow depth, allowing it to be worn near the skin.


  • Diamonds with a rose-cut appear larger than diamonds with a brilliant cut of the same carat weight.
  • The cut is not limited to a single shape and can be cut into various shapes.
  • Rose-cut diamond engagement rings are one-of-a-kind, and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter another individual wearing one.
  • Because of the flat base, the diamond has a low profile and rests near your finger, making it ideal for more active lifestyles.


  • The glitter and fire of a rose-cut diamond will be significantly lower than a modern brilliant cut diamond.
  • Because rose cuts are so unusual, it can be challenging to find one you like.
  • The facets are prone to minor flaws and asymmetries because the rose-cut diamond is cut by hand.
  • There is a scarcity of pricing information that may be used to make cost comparisons.

The 4 C’s and the Rose-Cut Diamond


Like the cushion cut and its predecessor, the old mine cut, the rose cut was designed before electricity; therefore, it was designed to look best in candlelight. Cutters would achieve this by basing their final cut on what worked best for each stone. This implies rose cuts can have anywhere from three to twenty-four facets. Most modern rose cuts feature a domed top with 24 facets and a flat bottom with no pavilion. The rose-cut diamond is similar to taking only the top section of a traditional diamond and discarding the bottom half.

Rose cuts have a low profile due to the flat shape of the base. Unlike almost all other diamond cuts, a rose-cut diamond will not protrude too far from its setting. This design makes this diamond exceptionally comfortable to wear and provides some protection from the inevitable bumps that rings are subjected to.

The shape versatility of rose-cut diamonds is well-known and roses come in various shapes
The shape versatility of rose-cut diamonds.


Rose-cut diamonds are far more adaptable than typical brilliant cuts when it comes to color. The domed top and delicate luster complement warmer tones and alternate stone colours wonderfully. Rose cuts come in a variety of colours, including champagne, opaque white, grey, black, yellow tones, and the increasingly popular salt & pepper diamonds.

Colour, like clarity, is a matter of personal preference; there are no widely accepted industry standards that favour one colour over another. Embracing a certain level of colour in the diamond is a beneficial way to go because the shape is well-known for its warmer tones and use on distinctively coloured diamonds.


A pavilion is not present in a rose-cut diamond. As a result, the quantity of light reflected from this diamond cut is far lower than that of a brilliant-cut diamond, such as an oval, pear, or marquise cut. Rose-cut diamonds, as a result, have a more transparent, glass-like sheen, as opposed to the showy dazzle of most modern diamond cuts.

Any defects in the stone will be highlighted rather than hidden by the stone’s stunning transparency. Some people appreciate this feature since it gives the diamond a sense of individuality because no two diamonds have the same volume and positioning of flaws.

It’s all about focusing on what you want with a rose-cut diamond. If you prefer a completely clear rose cut, go for a higher clarity grade because all imperfections will be seen in the transparent cut. However, if you like the look of antique and vintage jewellery, you should appreciate the character that each flaw brings.


When viewed from above, rose-cut diamonds appear more significant than other diamond cuts due to their shape. Because they have more “spread,” a rose-cut diamond can appear to have the same diameter as a round diamond twice its carat weight.

While rose-cut diamonds come in various carat weights, they are a reasonably unusual cut. According to estimates, only 0.1 percent of modern cut diamonds are rose cuts or 1 in 1000. This shouldn’t deter you from choosing a rose cut, but it should help you understand that finding it with the qualities you desire in the carat weight you want may take longer.

Choosing Your Ideal Rose-Cut Diamond

You should consider the types of settings you like and are contemplating and your other general preferences while choosing a form. The shape versatility of rose-cut diamonds is well-known, and roses come in various shapes, including round, oval, square, hexagon, kit, rectangle, rounded square, and many others. With so many alternatives, it’s best to narrow down your search before you begin.

A pair of earrings and matching diamond pendant, from the Mark Solomon Jewellers Rose-Cut Diamonds collection, dazzle with true old-world glamour in all its splendor. Intricate details such as delicate millgrain on the edges of the tube setting and the multiple claws securing the large round diamonds each lend to the opulent drama of these future heirlooms.
These lavish rose cut & old cut diamond jewellery pieces from our Rose-Cut Diamonds collection dazzle with true old-world glamour in all its splendor. Intricate details such as delicate millgrain on the edges of the tube setting and the multiple claws securing the large round diamonds each lend to the opulent drama of these future heirlooms.

Rose-Cut Diamond Prices

Because rose-cut diamonds are so rare, price information isn’t as readily available as it is for other diamond cuts. However, the price of a rose-cut diamond will vary greatly depending on the clarity, colour, shape, and size of the diamond and various other factors such as demand for a specific sort of rose-cut diamond.

In recent years, the salt and pepper diamond, for example, has reached new heights of popularity. A salt and pepper rose-cut diamond will be in considerably higher demand than a yellow-toned rose-cut diamond and will cost significantly more.

Finalise Your Design with Mark Solomon Jewellers

Unlike any other modern diamond shape, a rose-cut engagement ring has a beautiful and subtle aesthetic. A rose-cut diamond offers personality, charm, warmth, and a delicate glow as a unique diamond cut.

Rose-Cut Diamonds: Your Complete Guide 1

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