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Your Guide to Danburite

Ring with loose diamonds and yellow danburite

What is Danburite?

If you’ve never heard of danburite, you’re likely not alone! The reason it doesn’t roll off the tongue when talking stones is because danburite is currently considered a rare collector’s gem. Still relatively undiscovered in the jewellery world, precious pieces set with gem-quality danburite are not widely available. However, its popularity is on the rise; danburite is sparkling, and often clear and bright, making it a great choice for use in jewellery. In its second-most valuable colour – yellow – it is also a cost-effective alternative to yellow diamond, especially at times when size matters. In terms of care, looking after danburite is straightforward – just avoid steaming as the stone is heat sensitive.

Yellow Danburite

When looking to bring warmth to your style, resonate with happiness and share joyful energy, one often turns to yellow. Adorning yourself in jewels set with yellow gems helps to either reflect, or bring about, that sunshine state of mind. A happy colour and a rich colour, from bright to golden honey, yellow literally warms your look instantly.

When thinking of a yellow gem, the first things that come to mind are most often yellow diamond, yellow sapphire or semi-precious citrine. While all delightful choices, what about something different? Something rare and little-known, something to keep you ahead of the curve – how about danburite? One of these in deep yellow would give you the gorgeous colour of a canary diamond at a fraction of the price.

Danburite in fact occurs in a few colours; these include pale yellow to deep honey, white, brown, and extremely rare pink.  Pink is often cited as the rarest and most valuable, especially in larger sizes, followed closely by the yellow hues – the more intense yellows in particular ( We specialise in yellow danburite. This is a stone not easily found on the South African jewellery scene, and we can safely say that we carry one of the largest selections of certified yellow danburite in various hues, shapes and sizes ranging from around 1.00ct to just over 7.00ct.

Loose danburite gems in various shapes and sizes
Our selection of yellow danburite – a range of tones from joyful sunshine to rich honey.

A Brief History

Danburite gets it’s name from Danbury, Connecticut in the USA, which is where it was discovered in 1839 by Charles Upham Shephard.  This is notably much earlier than the 1967 discovery of other notable ‘new’, rare and popular gems tsavorite and tanzanite; yet danburite has not been marketed as much and so is still largely unknown in comparison. 

While the mineral itself is not rare, the primary reason for danburite’s rare-factor is that large pieces that can be faceted into quality, gemstones are uncommon (

Interestingly, the Danbury discovery had no gem-quality material, and danburite gems actually come from other locations. According to the International Gem Society, the largest source of gem-quality danburite is currently Mexico, with other sources of gem-grade material including Russia, Madagascar and sometimes Japan. To get your hands on one of these rare gems, look no further than Sea Point, Cape Town.

Our Danburite

Elevate your jewellery collection with danburite pieces from our selection of fine jewellery. This classically designed Diamond & Danburite Necklace, set with a 1.83ct teardrop danburite and white & yellow diamonds is elegance epitomised.

If you prefer to wear it on your finger, our Danburite Daisy Ring ring is another notable piece. A spectacular cocktail ring boasting a 1.645ct round danburite with a floral halo of small white diamonds.

Danburite coloured gemstone and daisy diamond halo ring | Set in white gold
Danburite & Diamond Daisy Halo Ring

If you have ideas of your own or would like us to design a special danburite piece for you, visit our Sea Point showroom for an obligation-free consultation. Contact us to find out more about our selection of loose gems; with qualified designers and master goldsmiths on our premises, we could work together on a truly special bespoke design for a danburite of your choice!

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