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Swivel Rings & Slider Bracelets – Jewellery with a Twist

yellow gold swivel ring

Looking for that something different?  Our innovative swivel rings and slider bracelets are the answer. Contemporary and elegant designs that you can play with.

swivel rings in white, yellow and rose gold, set with diamonds

Swivel Rings

Swivel rings feature a single piece, where the centre ring can be turned whilst the base ring remains in place.  Also known as spinner rings, our hand-crafted swivel rings are chic statements of style, guaranteed to wow with that unexpected surprise. A swivel ring will always add some playful magic to your day.

Not only is a ring that can spin incredibly fun, but the innovative concept also has a calming effect.  When stressed or bored, the brain needs something to focus on, and often you find yourself fiddling with a pen or tapping a foot without realising it.  Being able to spin the centre ring around and around is an enjoyable way to satisfy the need to move, and the perfect wearable answer to fidgety fingers! In fact, swivel rings are also sometimes known as ‘worry’ rings. 

Star-studded swivel ring
Set with sparkling round brilliant diamonds, our star-studded swivel ring evokes the feeling of dreamily floating through a star-filled sky.
Swivel Rings & Slider Bracelets - Jewellery with a Twist 1

Slider Bracelets

Similar to swivel rings, our slider – or worry – bracelets feature moveable parts.  If something other than the usual diamond tennis bracelet is what you’re after, then these jewels are for you.  The clusters of diamonds are each able to slide along the bar, again both unexpected, wow-factor fun and soothing as you move them along.  Not to mention, the on-trend, edgy boho aesthetic of these tasselled diamond bracelets will elevate every look.

Slider bracelet set with round brilliant diamonds
Slider bracelet set with round brilliant diamonds.

The bracelets also have an adjustable fastening, where sliding the charm along the chains pulls the bracelet tighter or makes it looser, meaning it will fit exactly as you want it to.     

If something different is what you’re looking for, these pieces are your answer. Contact us to find out more, or visit our Sea Point showroom to try them out for yourself.

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