Perfect Mother’s Day jewellery for every kind of mom

With Mother’s Day 2016 only three weeks away, shopping for the ideal gift can get stressful. Let’s start by narrowing things down to the ultimate essential; fine jewellery. But even so, be sure the piece you choose reflects her unique maternal charm. Let’s look at what the different types of mothers need in their jewellery boxes this year.

The sentimental mom

Is your mom the one who cries happy tears at family events and pores over your baby photos at every opportunity? Chances are she also has a soft spot for cute cards and sappy home movies. To make her Mother’s day, think personal. A bangle engraved with a personal message would be a prized possession, or a locket with family pictures she can show all her friends. Incorporate the family birthstones and you’ll be the envy of your siblings.

The super-woman mom

For the mother who knows the answer to every question, can bake anything, fix anything and remember where you left your sunglasses, the answer is always practical. A pair of timeless pearl or diamond stud earrings she can wear to work, gym and out for the evening is sure to become a firm favourite.

The sporty mom

For the mother who can fit a quick hike between yoga and her afternoon run, the trick is to keep jewellery durable and fuss-free. A simple diamond pendant is a great idea, but be sure to get a chain sturdy enough to keep up with her. Of course the aptly named tennis bracelet would also make her the queen of the health club.

The foodie mom

If your mother’s kitchen is the stuff of legend, or she has more speciality dishes than Nigella, be wary of jewellery that would interfere with her cooking. A string of pearls like Julia Child’s or a pair of striking statement earrings would keep her hands free to do any form of gourmet kitchen alchemy. She’ll definitely need something to wear when she wins Master Chef.

The mod mom

For the mother who is chic personified, who can throw a party that would make Jackie O blush and who always looks like she’s stepped out of Vogue Magazine, be prepared to go bold. A chunky colourful bracelet or a cocktail ring to match her favourite dress is a sure to impress. Or consider the trusty LBD – referring to Large Black Diamond, to accompany her to all those swanky soirees.

The creative mom

For the mom whose creative flair has no limits, perhaps the greatest gift is the freedom of possibilities. Bring her to the Mark Solomon Jewellers showroom in Main Road, Sea Point for a lovely cup of coffee and an obligation free design consultation with one of our highly qualified designers. We’ll take extra special care to create the ideal piece she can wear and love forever.

At Mark Solomon Jewellers we carry the largest selection of, loose certified diamonds, tanzanites, and other gorgeous gemstones to choose from, as well as master goldsmiths and the most extensive range of designer jewellery South Africa has to offer on our premises. Let’s make every mother’s dream jewellery come to life this Mother’s Day.