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The golden rules of ring sizes

ring sizes | graph depicting different ring sizes

Choosing the perfect ring in terms of style, stone size and all-round sparkle is often so exciting that we forget an incredibly crucial element – finger size. Whether a ring fits well or terribly can make all the difference in your bling wearing pleasure. Let’s look at the most essential rules of thumb when it comes to your finger size.

Be digit specific

You don’t have a finger size darling, you have ten! Ladies often only know their left ring-finger size, as this is where the diamond goes, but best to keep a record of the other digits. You know, in case someone wants to spoil you with a supporting act.

When purchasing a new ring or adjusting one you already have, be very sure to measure the specific finger you intend to wear it on. For interest sake, right handed jewellery lovers generally have fingers one size larger on their right hand than on their left. This is not set in stone though. Always have your jeweller measure your fingers to be sure.

Accuracy is especially important when having a ring made that is full eternity set, or with diamonds low down the band as this leaves very little room for future alterations.

A little struggle is a good thing

A ring that can pull off without any hassle can fall off, trust us on this. The ideal finger size can only come off with a bit of a turn and a wiggle, but not so that you have to punish yourself. A ring so tight it can only be removed in certain conditions (like when it’s covered in margarine), is too tight.

Lost weight recently? Now might be a good time to head to the jeweller. Dropping a few kilos can bring you finger size down significantly, and altering your bling is great motivation to maintain your new physique.

Beware the bloat

Our fingers, as the rest of our bodies, are amazing ever-changing things. Ever notice your rings feel tighter when it’s warm, or you’ve been for a run, or you’ve indulged in some salty snacks? Anything that leaves you feeling a bit on the puffy side will affect your finger size. Depending on your bloat, the difference can be as slight as a quarter of a size, or as drastic as two full sizes. Best not have your fingers measured straight after polishing that bag of salt and vinegar chips.

This being said, a ring that feels slightly loose or tight today might be a perfect fit next week. Before spending money on having rings altered, try it on in a number of conditions over a few days. A sizing is only crucial if the ring is never a good fit.

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