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For the Love of Rose Gold

Diamond Cluster Ring | Diamond ring set in rose gold with floral styled double halo of diamonds | For the love of rose gold

On trend and here to stay, rose gold will make your collection blush

For the Love of Rose Gold 1

Rose gold – by now we’ve all heard of it, we’ve all seen it, and every possible coppery-sheened product comes to mind. From interiors, home décor and art, to fashion, stationery, gadgets and even your best friend’s wedding cake – this lustrous, simply beautiful metallic pinkish hue is everywhere, and it’s here to stay.  But why is it so popular?  Has it always been?  Are you ready to add rose gold jewels to your collection?

The Rose Gold Effect

Whilst any jewellery lover has known about rose gold for years, it was in fact Apple who stirred the general public into a frenzy over this concept in late 2015.  With the launch of their iPhone 6S in rose gold, everyone wanted to get their hands on this precious colour.  Sparking an eruption of rose gold lifestyle products across the board, white and yellow metals took a back seat.  Hot on the heels of the rose gold phone, Pantone, the trendsetter in colour forecasting announced in 2016 that Rose Quartz and Serenity were the Pantone Colours of the YearRose Quartz introduced a surge in demand for blushing pink and rose hues, and rose gold was the perfect partner to these delicate shades.  The popularity of rose gold products has exploded ever since, not least of all in jewellery.

In Jewellery

In jewellery, rose gold is an alloy of pure gold and copper, which gives the gold it’s subtle rosy hue.  Also known as pink gold and red gold, the colour ranges from a soft pink to orangey-yellow to a reddish-orange, depending on how much copper is present in the alloy.

Rose gold first made an appearance in 19th century Imperial Russia, where Carl Fabergé, jeweller to the Tsars, crafted many opulent pieces in what was then known as ‘Russian Gold’.  Rose gold has been in and out of style over the years since, but has in recent times – partly due as we’ve just seen to the colour’s popularity in lifestyle products – become a staple in every fine jeweller’s collection and a dearly beloved choice for jewellery.

Rose & Romance

Rose gold is the epitome of romance in metals, and when set with diamonds is chic, elegant and something a little different.  Gemstones in either blushing or deep shades of pink are enhanced by rose gold, such as our pretty in pink Morganite & Diamond Earrings (below left) or uber feminine Pink Sapphire & Diamond bracelets (below right).

For the Love of Rose Gold 3

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if rose gold set with the blue of tanzanite is something you’re willing to explore, this combination is sure to set you apart with details that hint at sophistication whilst exuding trendsetter confidence.

Best for Both

Rose gold is also a popular choice for jewellery because when it comes to wearability, it tends to suit most skin tones. Whilst yellow gold sits well with warmer tones and white metals tend to work with cooler tones better, rose gold is generally a chic medium between the two, suiting many skin tones.

Even better, a mix of all three; rose, white and yellow gold is a winning combination.  Our tri-colour pavé bangle set with diamonds fits the mixed metals bill perfectly – understated yet impactful.

With one of the most extensive collections of rose gold & diamond jewellery in Cape Town, Mark Solomon Jewellers is able to offer a range of eye-catching, rose gold designs. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet; classic, bold or delicate, you are sure to find that special rose gold addition to your collection. 

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