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Celebrating the ladies who love jewellery

It’s August already and winter is drawing to a close in Cape Town. With National Women’s Day coming up this month, we’re celebrating the ladies who love jewellery! We salute the ladies of the world who are iconic, not only for being the gorgeous icons they are but also for how well they wear their diamonds.

The lavish ladies

These are the truly timeless golden girls who consider their diamond stud earrings as much part of their face as their own eyes. Rarely seen without a diamond tennis bracelet and matching eternity ring, these lavish ladies stick to classic jewels that they wear from the gym to work to dinner because great style takes you everywhere.

Think solitaire diamond pendants that go with absolutely any neckline or the tried and tested diamond tennis necklace for a glitzier look.

Celebrating the ladies who love jewellery 1

The daring dames

If your jewellery box is more of a jewellery closet, or you’ve considered a special filing system just to keep your vast collection of diamond earrings in order, consider yourself a daring dame. After all, more is more!!

The daring dame has a diamond ring for every mood and a gemstone bracelet for every occasion, the bigger, the brighter, the better.

Celebrating the ladies who love jewellery 2

The playful pretties

Romance and nostalgia are key in how a playful pretty wears her diamonds. From flowery clusters to heart cut diamonds, playful pretties prefer jewellery befitting a princess. Colour is also an absolute essential, especially if it can be pink.

Celebrating the ladies who love jewellery 3

A special shout-out to the lavish ladies, the daring dames, the playful pretties and every other kind of diamond girl. At Mark Solomon Jewellers we solute you and wish you the very best for Women’s Day 2017

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