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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring to Suit Your Lifestyle

Although diamonds are the hardest gemstone and, in fact, the hardest natural substance known to man, not every diamond engagement ring is a flawless fit to a rough and tumble lifestyle.

An athlete, for example, might find a very delicate and high set ring more of a hindrance than a pleasure. What, after all, is the point of a gorgeous diamond ring if wearing it does not fly with your daily routine?

Proud (high) claw settings are gorgeous and classic, but can be a bother for ladies with a hands-on kind of job. Women in the medical profession, for instance, may find a high ring is difficult to manage under a latex glove. An administrative or office environment is however no challenge for the classic claw set engagement ring.

Tubes settings are nice and secure, can’t hook on fine threads or wires and look lovely even when quite low set. This setting style is an attractive and sleek alternative for ladies who are more prone to rock climbing adventures than the boardroom.

The setting of the main diamond is only the beginning though. When it comes to deciding on the rest of the ring, bearing your daily activities in mind is just as important. A chunky band, for instance, may be more hard wearing, but can be an uncomfortable hindrance in the gym or when playing a sport like tennis where it might hurt your grip.

Also bear in mind the cleaning and maintenance best suited to your hobbies. A baker or artist might find the nooks and crannies of a detailed filigree ring difficult to keep dirt free.

Both pavé and channel setting are great ways to add sparkle to just about any ring, especially when it come s to adding small diamonds around a larger centre stone. The added benefit here is that small diamonds are sunken into the piece and flush with the surface, keeping the ring itself quite sleek and out of the way.

In the end choosing the perfect ring is all about what feels the most comfortable to you in terms of height, weight and structure. This being said, absolutely nothing beats a fine diamond ring, custom made to suit your taste and way of life just perfectly – whatever your style may be.

For more information on the perfect ring to suit your lifestyle, or to set up an obligation free design consultation, contact our team of highly qualified jewellery designers today. Between our endless expertise, wide selection of diamonds and master goldsmith, we provide the most sought after and exquisitely made engagement rings Cape Town has to offer.

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