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Diamond engagement ring styles and wedding rings in different styles.

Solitaire, Halo or Trilogy – taking you through the essential styles of diamond engagement rings

Various engagement ring styles

Looking for a diamond engagement ring and unsure of what you want?  A great place to start – once you’ve picked the diamond shape you love – is with the three basic styles: solitaire, halo and trilogy. 

Less is More

For the elegant woman, we begin with the solitaire, where a single, central diamond is the star of the show.  The most understated and classic of all styles, a solitaire ring is timeless.

The distinction of a solitaire comes from the way the diamond is set.  The solitary stone may be enhanced by details in the gallery of the setting, like in our Signature Solitaire (below left) or Petal engagement ring (below right), or perhaps by the number of claws that hold the stone, such as in our 6-claw Solitaire (below centre).  It could also be a minimalist tube setting where the diamond is surrounded by a rim of metal, or a contemporary tension setting where it appears to float between two bands. 

Collection of solitaire ring styles

Whilst a truly classic solitaire is simply one central diamond, placing this centrepiece on a fine band set with sparkling little diamonds creates an elevated and mod variation that is bang on trend.  Our chic oval cut solitaire (below right) with a delicate micropavé diamond band is an elegant choice, as is the marquise diamond ring in the same style (below left).

Marquise and oval diamond style rings with micro-pave bands.

But wait… More can also be More!

For the woman who wants more, an exciting style that has been enjoying a lot of attention lately is the three stone ring.  Also known as trilogy or trinity rings, the three stones traditionally represent the past, present and future. This makes it a sentimental choice that celebrates the entirety of a couple’s journey together.  The three stones have also been interpreted as friendship, love and fidelity. That said, you are ultimately the one who decides what they mean to you! 

Trilogy rings are an inspired choice for an engagement ring. Getting creative with a combination of different shapes, as well as with the proportions of the stones, is a great way to make such a significant piece unique to you.  You could choose a large centre diamond with much smaller side stones, or one where all three stones are a similar size. 

More ways to put your stamp on a trilogy ring include incorporating interesting bands, fancy cuts and even the inclusion of coloured gems as the accent stones. How about a row of three fancy shapes, like our stunning Rectangular Cushion Diamond trilogy ring? Or three baguette cuts for an entirely different look altogether, arresting with clean lines and parallel edges. 

Rectangular Cushion Diamond Trilogy and Baguette Cut Trilogy rings
Rectangular Cushion Diamond Trilogy Ring (left) & Baguette Cut Trilogy Ring (right)

The type of setting also has an impact on the overall look.  Take to the stars with our 6-claw trilogy ring, striking with its stellar-like aesthetic. 

Whichever way you go, three stone rings are proof of the fact that good things come in threes! 

The Halo

Last but by no means least, the halo ring.  For the romantics out there, how can one not be charmed by a crown of diamonds surrounding the centre stone? Sparkle on top of sparkle!

Marquise halo ring
Turn heads with our Marquise Halo ring.

Diamonds in a halo can be set in a variety of styles such as pave or claw-settings. The halo itself can simply follow the outline of the centre stone, or get fancy with different patterns and shapes. The most romantic of our three essential styles, halo rings bring delicate vintage beauty to your every day.

With a vast and varied range of fine jewellery, one of the largest selections of loose diamonds in Cape Town and master goldsmiths on our premises, Mark Solomon Jewellers will help you find the perfect engagement ring to suit your style. Contact us for a quote, or to make an appointment for an obligation-free consultation to discuss your design.

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