How Trendy Should a Diamond Engagement Ring Be?

Let’s face it, if finances were endless, we’d all be dripping in the latest diamond trends, but this is not the case for all. For most of us investing in a gorgeous diamond piece, and especially a diamond engagement ring, means we’ve given a lot of thought to the style and intend to wear it for many decades to come.

This being said, how much attention should one pay to new trends in the fine jewellery sector when choosing your engagement ring? Surely a piece that is the new in-thing is going to be outdated soon?

Be honest with yourself

Yes, rose gold is very fashionable right now, and your friend’s rose gold engagement ring is absolutely to die for!! But do you love it because it’s right for you? Does the mauvy colour match your skin tone? Would you make the same choice regardless of what you’ve recently seen on Pinterest? Just because a certain element is trending now, doesn’t mean you won’t love it forever. Just be sure to choose your ring for you.

Observe the old and learn from the new

Observing trends is a great way to discover diamond cuts and setting styles you might not have considered otherwise. For example, a trend towards oval cut diamonds has recently brought these beauties into the limelight, inspiring jewellers to stock up on them. A couple looking for a truly unique diamond engagement ring (trendy or not), is now spoilt for choice in this previously unsung cut.

Even outdated trends are worth a look. Think of the high set solitaires of the 1960’s, or the chunky geometrics of the 1980’s. Perhaps your ideal ring lies in the hot pages of yesteryear as opposed to current trends.

If in doubt, keep it simple

Complete fashionistas should be careful of copying very defined red carpet looks and ‘this season’s must have’ when it comes to making long term choices like your engagement ring, rather opt for the simplest style that warms your heart, but with a twist to make it uniquely yours. A classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, for example, can always have a funky design element to set it apart from the rest. Think prominent claws or a little feature on the side of the setting.

Diamonds might be forever, but rings can change

Okay, so you don’t have to love you engagement ring for the rest of all time – you can always have it remodelled. Luckily for you, Mark Solomon Jewellers has a world-class workshop and a team of highly qualified jewellery designers to make the newest incarnation of your dream engagement ring a reality.

Contact our design team today to set up your obligation free consultation, or visit our showroom in Sea Point for a look at the highest quality in classic and modern designer diamond engagement rings today.