How to Shop for a Diamond Engagement ring

All fine jewellery falls within a specialist field. Just like you would not spend a small fortune on a house, car or even a designer suit without consulting the experts, purchasing a diamond engagement ring requires some research and a lot of professional input.

What do engagement rings look like?

Although there are timelessly classic engagement ring styles, like the diamond solitaire or three-stone diamond rings we all love, there is no rule as to what an engagement ring should look like. Bearing in mind lifestyle, personal taste and all the possibilities out there, the ring you choose can be as traditional or unorthodox as you like.

Where to begin?

Start with the non-negotiable elements. Perhaps she specifically loves an oval cut diamond, or she has always said she wants a solitaire. Perhaps the only known requirement is that the ring has a vintage feel or set in white gold.

Bearing these factors in mind, research different styles and stones by visiting a jeweller who carries a large selection of various diamond engagement rings, like Mark Solomon Jewellers. Our selection offers designer diamond jewellery including the most timeless engagement rings, as well as the rarest fancy cut and fancy coloured diamond rings there is to discover.

Can’t find the ring you have in mind?

No problem! As we have a team of master goldsmiths and highly qualified jewellery designers all conveniently based at our Sea Point showroom, your options are by no means limited to what you see in store. We offer anyone who visits our showroom an obligation free design consultation and the opportunity to have their ideal ring custom made to their exact specifications.

You get to choose your own diamonds, metal and any detail you would like to feature in your very special ring.

What about cost?

With the largest selection of diamonds Cape Town has to offer all under one roof, we can cater for any budget. The old fashioned notion that an engagement ring must equate in value to three months’ salary is by no means a rule. You decide what you want to spend and we will do our very best to achieve the ideal designer engagement ring within your budget or less.

Let’s get started!

To learn more about our selection of gorgeous diamond engagement rings, or to speak to one of our designers, contact our showroom today. With years of expertise and an undying dedication to quality behind us, Mark Solomon Jewellers is South Africa’s leading authority in fine diamond engagement rings.