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Oh-So-Stunning Peacock Sapphires

Stunning Peacock Sapphire in tweezers | Mark Solomon Jewellers
Oh-So-Stunning Peacock Sapphire with perfectly balanced blue and green hues

Sapphires are a well-known jewellery classic and most people still associate sapphires with the cornflower blue made famous by Princess Diana’s legendary engagement ring. While the jewellery industry has traditionally focused on single-color sapphires, these gemstones are available in practically every colour of the rainbow, and the sapphires on everyone’s minds (and Pinterest boards) right now are peacock sapphires. But what exactly are these gems that everyone is so enamoured with?

Resembling the colours in a peacock’s feathers (thus the name), peacock sapphires are teal in colour, and the most valuable gemstones usually possess a near-perfect blend of blue and green. Also known as teal or mermaid sapphires, peacock sapphires sparkle with a seductive interplay of blue and green hues, and are ideal for one-of-a-kind engagement rings, as no two sapphires are ever the same colour or tint.

The Exquisite Colours of Peacock Sapphire

Teal sapphire is a rare corundum type that combines two of nature’s most beautiful colours: deep ocean blue and vibrant green. This remarkable combination may explain why many experts believe this gemstone will usher in a new era of multi-coloured sapphires.

Peacock sapphires come in a range of colours, including blue, green, yellow, and space grey. Many people incorrectly refer to these gems as “parti-sapphires.” Keep in mind that the term “parti” refers to colour separation into discrete colour zoning bands, however, this is not the case in peacock sapphires.

The most valuable peacock sapphires contain an equal or almost equal composition of blue and green primary colours, with traces of yellow, depending on how light is reflected within the gem and how it is cut. Peacock sapphires with a 50-50 blue and green mix are the rarest and most prized as this results in a heavenly, mossy, aqua-like tint.

Peacock Sapphire Engagement Rings

A special 3 stone custom peacock sapphire and diamond engagement ring in white gold, designed and crafted on the Mark Solomon Jewellers' premises.
A special custom peacock sapphire and diamond engagement ring, designed and crafted on our premises. Contact our designers for more information: Contact Us

When it comes to engagement ring ideas, many clients are looking beyond traditional stones like diamonds, and desire precious gemstones that offer affordability, durability, and colour uniqueness as well as gemstones that authentically communicate their personal narrative.

Colour Uniqueness

Princess Diana’s magnificent engagement ring made cornflower blue the most popular sapphire hue in the past. After this, the sunset-meets-lotus-flower hues of the padparadscha sapphire then became popular and dominated the market for several years. However, according to a 2020 market assessment conducted by Navneet Gems and Minerals, 90 percent of women under 35 prefer a unique engagement ring, and three-fifths of people who desire a sapphire as their centre stone want it to be a distinctive colour.

The tones, colours, and saturation of peacock sapphires, like all coloured gemstones, play a role in determining the beauty of these gemstones and we suggest consulting our gemmologists and jewellers for advice when considering peacock sapphires for an engagement ring.


Peacock sapphires, like other sapphires, are incredibly hard to break. Sapphires are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness among natural jewels, measuring a 9 on the Mohs scale. These gemstones are ideal stones for everyday wear because they have a high resistance to scratching and this scratch resistance ensures long-term brilliance. As a result, peacock sapphires are an excellent option in engagement rings as a symbol of love and devotion.


Peacock sapphires are also a great option when you desire a gemstone that is both distinctive and reasonably priced. This is because peacock sapphires, due to their multi-coloured hues, are more affordable than the traditional cornflower blue or padparadscha sapphires.


Many believe that the depth of sapphire blue is representative of the deep love shared between couples, hence why the sapphire is the gift for a 45th wedding anniversary. Sapphires have traditionally been regarded as a symbol of good blessings, purity, longevity, wealth, beauty, and inner calm.

Peacock sapphires combine the soothing depths of blue with the energizing power of green and represent open lines of communication and mental clarity, making these jewels a beautiful representation of the bridge between two souls.

Peacock sapphires scattered in the background | Mark Solomon Jewellers
Peacock Sapphires combine the soothing depths of blue with the energizing power of green.
© Navneet Gems & Minerals. Used with permission.

The Best Peacock Sapphire Cuts

The cut is thus an important factor to consider as the tone of the gemstone will darken and those enviable lighter hues will be lost if poorly cut. While Peacock sapphires can be cut into a variety of forms, we suggest brilliant cuts, whether round or oval, to maximise this gem’s beautiful tones. Brilliant cuts enable the best potential light flow within the stone, allowing both hues to be displayed evenly and brilliantly.

Faceters have been experimenting with alternative cuts as a result of a recent spike in global demand for fancy-cut and distinctively shaped sapphires. While many gem connoisseurs favour these unique shapes, the classic oval remains the finest shape for achieving the most polished yield from rough sapphire.

Stunning Peacock Sapphire with even and brilliant blue/green hues | Mark Solomon Jewellers
While Peacock sapphires can be cut into a variety of forms, we suggest brilliant cuts, whether round or oval, to maximise this gem’s beautiful hues.

The Origins of Peacock Sapphire

Our peacock sapphires are found in Southern Africa. Other sources include Australia and Asia.

Design Your Dream Peacock Sapphire Engagement Ring

Contact us today to schedule a private consultation with one of our highly qualified designers to create your dream peacock sapphire engagement ring or jewellery piece.

Mark Solomon is a renowned Cape Town manufacturing jeweller as well as an award-winning Cape Town jewellery designer and takes much pride in turning a design into an exquisite reality within just a few days.

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