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Diamond Engagement Rings 101 – How to get bling on a budget

Although we would tie a ribbon around the world and present it to our loved one if we could, we all have a budget to consider when purchasing an engagement ring. Bearing this in mind, affordable doesn’t have to mean tiny. Let’s have a look at ways of getting excellent flash for your cash in the diamond world.

Diamond Clusters

Diamonds increase rapidly in value per carat as they increase in size. Therefore a lot of small diamonds coming to say 1.00ct will be surprisingly affordable when compared to a large stone of the same weight.

Over the years jewellers have employed the wonderful bedazzlement of diamonds to create illusion settings and illusion clusters. This basically refers to a style of setting where a few diamonds are set closely together to create the illusion of one large exceptionally sparkling stone.

Rose Cut Diamonds

In terms of surface area, rose cut diamond rings are a wonderful way of getting a “big” stone at a fraction of the price compared to modern cuts with the same face-up dimensions. This is due to the Rose Cut’s slender physique.

Where the modern brilliant cuts have a pavilion underneath its face-up view, Rose cuts are basically flat bottomed, leaving all their carat weight spearing across the top for your visual pleasure. These diamonds have fantastic old-world appeal, but not quite the same dramatic life of the modern cut diamond.

Black Diamonds

Due to their stunningly affordable price, black diamonds are a great alternative for those who want a substantial diamond at a budget-friendly price. Black diamonds are available in just about any cut and size. They have the same hardness as white diamonds and look especially attractive when set in a ring with some small white diamonds to create dramatic contrast.

Diamond Alternatives

If the appearance of a white stone appeals to you, but the size of diamond you like deludes your finances, consider an alternative white gem. White sapphire is a precious, natural stone with great clarity and luster at a fraction of the cost of a diamond. At a whopping hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale, it is also the most scratch resilient alternative to a diamond out there.

Visit the Mark Solomon Jewellers showroom today to see the largest variety of diamonds Cape Town has to offer, as well as our array of precious stones including a brand new range of white sapphires. Alternatively you can contact our highly qualified design team to learn more about our range of fine diamond engagement rings and custom made designer jewellery.

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