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Diamond Engagement Rings 101 – Finding out her finger size

Nothing beats the romance of a surprise engagement, but have you ever imagined the moment and considered that the ring might not fit.

Naturally this adds another layer of stress to the already daunting task of choosing a ring and, come to think of it, whether she’ll say yes. But how do you find out your loved one’s finger size without her catching wind of your plans?

Play detective

The only sure fire way of measuring a finger size correctly is by either measuring her finger (which is not easy to do on the sly), or to measure an existing ring. Bear in mind the difference in finger sizes, when it comes to actual millimetres, is minute. Using the measuring tape from your toolbox, a standard ruler or just gauging with your eye won’t work. Even if you have the tools to measure to her ring’s teeny tiny decimals, remember that rings lose their perfect round shape with wear, so your digits might not be as accurate as you think. We jewellers know what we are looking for when measuring rings, so rather “borrow” her favourite ring for a day and sneak off to your jeweller while she’s turning the house upside down to look for it.

Note: Every finger on your lovely lady’s hands has its own finger size. Make sure the ring you have measured goes on her wedding ring finger. (That’s the left hand ring finger, in case you were wondering.)

Send in a spy

Does her best friend know about your intentions? If so, use your insider wisely. Perhaps the friend in question can drag her along to “look for earrings”, or to “try on some pearls just for fun”. Once in a jewellery store, most girls will try on a few things. Her friend can casually enquire as to the size of any ring that fits her.

Phone a friend

Staging a mock fitting might not even be necessary. You’d be surprised what close knit women know about each other. Chances are her mother, sister or best friend can recall anything from her ring size to her shoe size by heart. Be sure to choose your confidants wisely though, an overexcited co-conspirer might just let the cat out of the bag.

Close enough is close enough

To ease the pressure of finding her ideal finger size, bear in mind most rings can be adjusted within reason, so you only need to get close. The more elaborate the ring’s design, the closer the size needs to be, especially when it comes to diamonds going down the side of the band. Adjusting an encrusted ring by more than a size or two can stretch settings and cause problems with the security of small stones.

Note: Full eternity rings (rings with diamonds going all around the finger) cannot be sized without major alterations. If you’re unsure of her finger size, a strip of plain metal at the bottom of the ring may just save the day.

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