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Choosing the Cut for your Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the cut for your engagement ring, the trick is to find a style that is classic enough to wear every day, while reflecting the unique flair of the person who will wear it. Choosing the perfect ring to suit your loved one’s personality starts with the diamond. Let’s consider all the variations out there and which would be best suited to her personality.

Tried and tested brilliance

The round brilliant cut diamond might be the shape most often used for engagement rings, but by no means consider this a boring choice. After all, a favourite becomes a favourite for a reason. In terms of sheer sparkle and bedazzling beauty, round brilliant cuts are king. This is especially true if the diamond in question has been certified as an “excellent” or “ideal” cut. If your lady likes the best of everything, no questions asked, chances are she would love a perfectly cut, round brilliant cut diamond.

All about the edge

Rectangular cut diamonds are a stylish and timeless nod to old-school romance. Not to mention their special power! Thanks to long, elegant edges, rectangular cut diamond have the ability to make short, stubby finger look slimmed down and elegant. Consider the classic rectangular emerald or radiant cut for the lady who is a sucker for old-school romance. A modern alternative to the rectangular diamond would be the baguette cut – a sleek, clean style for the contemporary romantic.

Dare to go square

Just about any classic style of engagement ring looks more modern when set with a square cut diamond. The favourite here is known as the princess cut; a fabulously faceted style of diamond with great sparkle and cheeky sharp corners. For a more vintage feel, consider a square emerald cut (otherwise known as an asscher cut), or a square radiant cut. Square cut diamonds are perfect for ladies who are more out there than most, but still like to keep things classic.

Oval the moon

With the same amount of facets as the round brilliant cut, the same finger elongating powers as the rectangular cuts, and the unusual flair of a square, the oval cut diamond is the dark horse of diamond shapes. Consider this uncommon alternative for the lady who enjoys life’s little quirks.

Cute and classy cushions

If round brilliant cut diamonds are not quite your thing, but squares are a bit harsh for your liking, the cushion cut diamond is the ultimate in between. This diamond cut can come in a square or rectangular (or elongated) form. With its softened corners and slightly curved edge, this diamond cut conveys softness and luxury whilst maintaining impressive brilliance.  A must have for the timeless ladies who love a soft touch in their style.

Mysterious marquise

Legend has it King Louis the 14th of France commissioned the first marquise cut diamond in honour of the Madame de Pompadour. This extended cut with its sickle sides and sharp points was designed to mimic her legendary smile. This quirky diamond cut is often overlooked by diamond shoppers, but do not underestimate its appeal. Thanks to its unusual shape and impressive brilliance, the marquise cut invariably makes a lasting impression. Consider this unique diamond style for the lady who hates blending in.

Peachy keen pears

Much like the marquise cut diamond, pear cuts are an exotic find in the world of engagement rings. With an asymmetrical outline, one side pointed like a marquise, the other rounded like an oval, pear cut diamonds lend much of the unexpected. Still, this old favourite has donned royalty for centuries and lends a sense of regal romance to any piece of jewellery. A perfect choice for proposing to your princess.

Besides cut, think about unusual colours

Did you know diamonds come in many different shades of yellow, orange, brown and pink? Not to mention the extremely rare but spectacular blue, green and red tones. If you lady is a fan of the unconventional, perhaps a fancy coloured diamond is the ideal choice. For unbeatable effect, pair fancy coloured diamonds with white diamonds on the side to show off their unusual hues. Last but not least, for a striking (and surprisingly affordable) alternative to white, bear in mind diamonds come in bold and beautiful black.

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