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The Advantages of Certified Diamonds

When first entering the world of diamonds, potential buyers infallibly learn the four C’s – a crucial lesson in understanding the way diamonds are graded. Truth is, while Cut, Clarity, Carat weight and Colour are integral components in determining a stone’s value, there is an equally important fifth C to consider, namely Certification.

How is a certified diamond a better choice? Well, would you buy a car without knowing the manufacturer? Would you employ a new staff member without checking their references? Certainly not!

A certified diamond has been scrutinized and pored over by gem experts to make sure every detail is disclosed to the owner, from the presence of fluorescence to the exact placement of inclusions.

When a stone is certified, someone has vouched for its grading, making the stone a safer buy and therefore more sought after. But the value of the certification lies in who did it. Since a higher grading benefits the jeweller, independent gemological laboratories like EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) exist to grade diamonds outside of the jewellery industry. In other words, these institutions do not deal in diamonds, only their expertise.

Yes, purchasing a certified diamond allows for great peace of mind, but not all certificates carry equal accountability. The real trick is to know which diamond certificate is worth its salt.

Reputable certifications, like those from EGL and GIA,  increase the price of a diamond, so be prepared to pay a teeny bit extra. However, a stone accompanied with an indisputable, internationally recognised certificate will always be valued according to its given grading – a nice and stable investment.

Here at Mark Solomon Jewellers we carry the largest selection of certified diamonds under one roof in South Africa. Whether they are set in one of our exquisitely handmade pieces, or part of our extensive collection of loose stones, our diamonds have either the EGL or GIA stamp of approval.

So, when fine jewellery connoisseurs look for great certified diamonds in Cape Town, Mark Solomon Jewellers in is their chosen destination. Visit Mark Solomon Jewellers today for your obligation free diamond viewing and design consultation. Your dream diamond is waiting for you.

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