The risk and reality of buying diamonds online

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E commerce makes a lot of business sense, as it provides consumers with a world of options, and the convenience of making their decisions from home. Buying diamonds and jewellery online is no exception.
Yet, what online shopping doesn’t offer, is real interaction with your investment and the peace of mind which comes from dealing with a person.


The real deal

When it comes to buying luxury items like diamond jewellery, it’s important we’re confident that we’re getting what we pay for. It’s easy enough to research diamonds or jewellery online, but most consumers are in the dark about value added factors. Most know and understand that the four C’s determine price. Yet, coupled with this are aspects such as certification, fluorescence and global demand. These aspects are best explained and discussed in person. 
When comparing quotes, be mindful of diamond prices that are surprisingly low. The reason could be a prominent inclusion regardless of a favourable clarity grade, or poor brilliance due to an inferior cut. These are things difficult to determine without viewing and comparing stones in person. Consider viewing a diamond as important as test-driving a new car. Would you base your decision on the opinion of someone you’ve never met?

The value of a relationship

Of course, if you know and trust your jeweller and their judgement, why not order based on their recommendation? The confidence derived from person-to-person connections is an irreplaceable aspect of positive business dealings. By the time you make your second purchase, you know what type of quality and pricing to expect. The jeweller then secures your repeat business in return for high quality and competitive pricing.

Modernising the client-jeweller relationship

Indeed, there is a space for purchasing jewellery online. There are a world of communication possiblities at our finger tips. As an example, we even have the option of real-time design consultation via Skype. Following your favourite jeweller on social media is also a great way to keep up to date with new products.
Be mindful of dealing with people on the other side of cyberspace, even if this means initially getting off the couch to build that relationship. Your jewellery collection is well worth the effort.
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