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Dazzling Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are a classic luxury accessory that complements both casual and formal ensembles, and as such, they’ve maintained enduring popularity. Tennis bracelets are usually purchased as investment pieces, and because these diamond bracelets strike the perfect balance between bling and class, they are favoured by both royalty and celebrities alike.

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A selection of our Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Read our comprehensive guide below which details what a tennis bracelet is, considerations to make when purchasing one, and of course, where to buy the perfect tennis bracelet.

Diamond tennis bracelets: what are they?

Diamond tennis bracelets, originally referred to as eternity bracelets or line bracelets, have been a favourite among jewellery lovers for generations. These classic pieces encircle the wrist in a sophisticated, shimmering line of diamonds, offering timeless elegance, and have become the cornerstone of many jewellery collections.

Rows of diamonds or precious gemstones are linked together by a delicate chain crafted from precious metals like 14ct gold, 18ct gold, or platinum. The flexibility of tennis bracelets ensures absolute scintillation, with each row of diamonds glittering in the light with every gorgeous wrist flick.

The tennis bracelet, like many other items of jewellery, has since acquired a name that has less to do with its origins or purpose and more to do with a significant public event. Most of us have heard that the term ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined during the 1987 U.S. Open when a young tennis champion called Chris Evert famously played so vigorously that the clasp of her line bracelet broke. To read more about the charming story behind why diamond tennis bracelets are named such, read our blog here.

Purchasing diamond tennis bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Style Considerations:

Diamond tennis bracelets are incredibly durable when looked after properly, and may be dressed up or down, worn with an evening gown or even jeans. Style versatility is one of the greatest advantages of tennis bracelets and they are as timeless as a pair of diamond stud earrings.

The traditional setting for round brilliant diamonds on a tennis bracelet is a 4-claw setting, but as the demand for these bracelets grows, new, exquisite designs and distinctive interpretations of the classic bracelet continue to appear and allow you to choose something that reflects your distinctive style and personality. Tennis bracelets also look gorgeous across precious metal types, meaning you can choose between rose, yellow and white gold depending on what suits your skin tone and style best.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to be honest about your style and level of jewellery care while looking for a tennis bracelet that will endure for a lifetime. For those who want to wear their diamonds every day, our jewellery designers strongly suggest that you only consider purchasing tennis bracelets crafted with sturdy settings and security clasps.

The total carat weight you decide on will also be influenced by how often, and where, you plan to wear your tennis bracelets. For everyday work wear, keep it classy and choose a sensible total carat weight, anything between 1 and 5 carats depending on your own preferences. Another stylish and subtle option is pairing two or three bracelets of around a carat each in incredibly delicate rows of small sparkling diamonds. But if you’re looking for sizable diamonds dripping from your wrist as a statement piece for special occasion wear, the sky is your limit – so long as you have a tennis bracelet with a safety clasp. Either way, no matter the total carat weight, commit to taking your tennis bracelets off when sleeping, swimming and showering and to having the settings checked by your jeweller every few years to ensure your precious stones are still secure.  

Diamond Tennis Bracelets on wrist - Mark Solomon Jewellers
Lines of dazzling diamond tennis bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Quality Considerations:

Precious Metal Types

Silver jewellery is most often made of sterling silver (925 silver).  It is a softer metal that can deform quite easily and doesn’t have a very long lifespan.  It is therefore not recommended to manufacture tennis bracelets set with diamonds and precious gems in this metal, as it does not offer longevity.  Because sterling silver is soft and prone to deforming (going out of shape), it can’t guarantee a secure setting for your precious stones when exposed to everyday wear and tear. At Mark Solomon Jewellers, we only use the highest-grade gold or platinum to ensure that your jewellery piece provides the safest setting for your diamonds and gemstones.

We suggest purchasing bracelets set in yellow, rose, white gold, or platinum. For special occasion wear, 14ct gold is perfectly suitable, however, if you plan on wearing your tennis bracelet more often or every day, 18ct gold or platinum is preferable as wears far less easily. Platinum and 18ct golds contain a higher gold content, and will protect your investment for many years.

Diamond Shapes, Sizes & Qualities

Another advantage of tennis bracelets is that they can be manufactured to accommodate your style and budget. Bracelets can be set with diamonds of varying qualities and sizes depending on your price range. If you would like something with higher carat weight, you could look at choosing commercial white diamonds. If you don’t want to sacrifice colour, you could choose a smaller, yet still impressive, total carat weight.

Diamond tennis bracelets are also available in an array of different diamond cuts, with the princess cut standing as the most popular after the round brilliant cut diamond.

Princess cut diamond tennis bracelet on slider set with 2.78cts of fine white diamonds. Mounted in 18ct crisp white gold
Princess cut diamond tennis bracelet on slider set with 2.78cts of fine white diamonds. Mounted in 18ct crisp white gold.

Precious Gemstone Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets can also be set with precious gemstones other than the diamond, making these pieces a playful twist on a stylish classic. Be sure to purchase bracelets that are set with durable stones; a great option is the sapphire, which comes in a rainbow of colours and has excellent durability with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale.

Read more about sapphire in the article from the GIA.

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Lined with dazzling diamonds, this stylish wristlet is not only graceful and glamorous, but its timeless design makes it perfect for any outfit.

At Mark Solomon Jewellers , our curated diamond tennis collection features a distinctive range of styles that can be customised to suit your desired specifications. Our GIA graduate Gemmologist individually selects diamonds to match perfectly in size and quality, which are then set by our Master Diamond Setter using a microscope for increased precision. Both of these factors contribute to the premium quality of our bracelets and necklaces.

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