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The 4 Best Engagement Ring Styles

Are you intending to propose to your loved one, but uncertain which engagement ring style to choose depending on your partner’s preferred style? Would your partner favour something classic rather than risking a trendy design that will be outdated in a few years?

You also need to consider the shape of the stone. Let’s look at engagement ring styles that will never go out of vogue.

But first a little lesson in popular diamond shapes.

Classic engagement ring styles | 3 Stone Diamond Rings, Solitaire Diamond Ring & Diamond Halo Ring
3 popular engagement ring styles: the 3 Stone Diamond Ring, Solitaire Diamond Ring & Diamond Halo Ring

Diamond Cut for Engagement Ring Styles

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The most popular diamond cut of all is the Round Brilliant with 58 facets that give exquisite brilliance and scintillation to the diamond. Round Brilliant diamonds work in several setting engagement ring styles, especially in solitaires and in two- and three-stone settings. The round shape represents unending love and the people drawn to it are romantic and traditional.

round brilliant cut diamond
A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cuts are modern and elegant in shape and retain a lot of brilliance. They can be either square or rectangular in shape. They are generally less expensive than the Round Brilliant shape. Ensure that they are in a protective setting though, as they are known for chipping at the corners or falling out. Princess cut says the wearer likes to be the centre of attention, a person who enjoys taking risks and who has an air of excitement about them.

Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond

This beautiful cut is often compared to a pillow as it has soft corners and a square cut combination. Cushion cut was very popular in the 19th century when most diamonds were cut in this shape and was also called the ‘mine cut”. The cushion cut is both traditional and trendy and is perfect for someone looking for a soft and feminine look.

Cushion Cut Diamonds
Cushion Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are elegant with an elongated, rectangular shape and are cut to perfection with smaller chiseled step cuts and straight linear facets. The corners of an emerald cut diamond are usually cropped. Emerald cut diamonds exude refinement and are great for someone who prefers understated sophistication, still classy but with an edge.

Emerald Cut Diamonds
Emerald and Radiant Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval shapes are an elongated, oblong shape of a Round Brilliant diamond with as many facets as a round cut and can sparkle as much. It has beautiful brilliance, fire, and scintillation. This stone shape is for the woman who has flair, is creative and individualistic. This cut is great for those who love a classic, elegant aesthetic but who love to stay ahead of the trends.

Oval Cut Diamonds
Oval Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamonds

A Marquise diamond, also called the boat shape, is a regal choice for an engagement ring and is striking and flattering. It is the ultimate in elegance and is essentially an elongated oval with points on either end that also creates the illusion of elongated hands. The stone also looks bigger than a Round Brilliant diamond. This shape is for the woman who loves all things glamour, who has a joi de vivre attitude and a passion for the exotic.

Marquise Cut Diamonds
Marquise Cut Diamond

Pear Cut Diamonds

The Pear-shaped diamond is also called the teardrop shape as it is pointed at one end and rounded at the other end. Because of their elongated shape, they appear to look larger than round diamonds and in fact, they are about 8% larger on the top surface, which means even a smaller diamond will make a bigger impact. It often represents a strong will, independent and unique style of its wearer. Pear cut represents tears of joy or wedding tears which are appropriate for engagement rings.

Pear Cut Diamonds
Pear Cut Diamond

Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Solitaire Diamond Ring

The most common diamond shapes in solitaires are Round Brilliant, Oval, Princess, Cushion, Emerald, Radiant and Pear cut.

Four-Prong Solitaire setting or Six-Prong Solitaire setting:

These Solitaire settings can hold a variety of diamond shapes allowing light to hit the diamond from all angles thus enhancing its sparkle and brilliance.

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 2
Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Solitaire in a Pavé Setting

Pavé setting has a few accent diamonds (pavé) on the side which add glamour, while keeping the focus on the centre stone

Diamond Halo Rings

Halo diamond rings are sparkly, feminine and look best with Round, Oval or Cushion cut centre stone with a halo of tiny diamonds surrounding it.

3 Stone Diamond Rings

Three stone rings diamond rings hold 3 stones representing a couple’s past, present and future. Most common diamond shapes for 3 stone rings are Rounds, Baguettes, Cushion or Princess Cut.

Trends come and go, but a classic diamond ring is forever. Find a ring that you can fall in love with and that speaks to you. Simply let us know and we will make your dreams come true.

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