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Cape Town – A city of diamonds and romantic engagements

Sunset over Table Mountain | Breathtaking view of Tableview Mountain from the Bloubergstrand Coast, Cape Town

The city of Cape Town, now famous for both its diamonds and romantic engagements.

Quite a few major travel publications across the globe have favoured Cape Town as their number-one for diamonds and one of the most romantic engagement destinations. No surprise there! With gorgeous mountains, sparkling beaches, delicious wine and fantastic atmosphere, South Africa’s Mother City thoroughly deserves this accolade.

Couples are now spoiled for choice when it comes to creating the perfect backdrop for a proposal.  Thanks to all her natural splendour, Cape Town has become an idyllic spot for romantic getaways of certain down-on-one-knee nature. Indeed, couples from all over the world come to our lovely city to get engaged in true style.

Proposals can take place anywhere in the city, from breathtaking wine farms, balmy beaches, or among the splendid nature of our famous Kirstenbosch Gardens. The sky’s the limit, quite literally! How about booking a picnic aboard The Cape Wheel and proposing while surrounded by 360-degree views of the Cape Town skyline? We can’t imagine anything more romantic!

What the travel brochures might not specify is that a Capetonian engagement makes as much logical sense as it does romantically. Let’s elaborate:

Diamonds from the source

Diamond mining has been one of South Africa’s many claims to fame since the early 1800’s. With our rich history concerning these celebrated gems, it is no wonder that diamonds, South Africa and perfect proposals have become synonymous.

Owning a South African diamond, bought at the source, has become a rite of passage for the well-traveled jewellery lover.

If you’re proposing with a diamond bought from South Africa, it also makes a majestic heirloom. Start your legacy with us.

More bling for your buck

South Africa produces incredibly sought after, premier quality diamonds, a claim few countries can make. Purchasing a diamond engagement ring here in Cape Town is much more cost effective than it would be in say Europe or America. This is especially true when factoring in our VAT return system. Purchasing any high-end jewellery in South Africa means that the 15% tax charged is redeemable at the airport on your way home. Easy as that! All you need is a non-South African passport and 15% of what you invest comes straight back to you.

Custom appeal

At Mark Solomon Jewellers we lovingly handcraft jewellery from scratch. This means your choices for a uniquely beautiful engagement ring are limited only by your imagination – not by a particular range or catalog. Our dedication to producing jewellery of superior quality has made purchasing diamonds in Cape Town a most appealing tourist attraction.

When it comes to viewing, or custom designing the perfect diamond engagement ring, Cape Town not only offers the sparkling diamonds, the know-how and the flair, but also the most romantic engagement spots to pop the question.

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