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Rare Tsavorite – a lush display of green beauty

Tsavorite is a green to yellowish green garnet. All these stones were cut from the same piece of rough. The largest stone weighs 23.23 carats. - Courtesy Menavi Quality Cut Ltd.
Image from GIA online.

Rare Vivid Green

Vivid. Vivid best describes top-quality tsavorite, which when expertly cut is a fiery, vibrant green lit up from within.

Green is the colour of growth and renewal, and tsavorite is the essence of this colour in a gem. A rare member of the garnet group (yes – tsavorite is a green garnet), the characteristic grassy green comes from trace amounts of the elements vanadium and chromium.  A relatively new gemstone in the jewellery world, tsavorite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania and is not widely occurring. The majority of tsavorite on the market now comes from the Tsavo West National Park in Kenya, which is the root of the name ‘tsavorite’.  Gem-quality tsavorite has only been found in a few other locations since – namely Madagascar, Pakistan, and Antarctica.  These deposits are noted as small, making tsavorite all the rarer. Quality cut tsavorite is always found in smaller sizes, making stones of over 2 carats exceptionally rare.

Why choose tsavorite?

Tsavorite displays a fiery green brilliance, and is a vibrant and durable gem. This is perfect for the woman who loves a green stone, but shies from emeralds due to their delicate nature.  The fact that tsavorite is so rare also makes it all the more desirable. Quality tsavorite is clear of noticeable inclusions, and either a rich medium green or a slightly lighter green.

Our Tsavorite

Hot off the jeweller’s bench are our Tsavorite & Diamond Drop Earrings set in 18ct white gold. The incredible colour of these gems is enhanced by scintillating white diamonds, sure to turn heads. Go on, turn everyone green with envy for these lush jewels!

A pair of green Tsavorite & Diamond Drop Earrings set in 18ct white gold

If you’re looking for a bespoke tsavorite design, consider our custom jewellery offering. We carry a large selection of certified loose tsavorites, with qualified designers and master goldsmiths on our premises. Make an appointment for an obligation-free consultation to discuss your dream piece.

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