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Tsavorite – The New Must-Have Green Gemstone

Tsavorite gemstones

When we think of gorgeous green gemstones, our minds naturally jump to emerald. Yes, emeralds are gorgeous, precious and rich in history, but these regal beauties are not alone in the race for green glory.

Over the last few years tsavorite has gained immense popularity within the jewellery world. This member of the garnet family is not only the purest and truest green gem of all, according to Bruce Briggs, president of Bridges Tsavorite, it also possesses great brilliance which is often lacking in mid and lower quality emeralds.

Next to diamond and tanzanite, tsavorite is a favoured child born of African soil – Eastern Africa to be exact, along the border of Kenya and Tanzania. This rare and mysterious garnet of a glossular crystalline nature was only discovered in 1967 when a British geologist by the name of Campbell R. Bridges (Bruce Briggs’ father) went on a gem exploration mission in the Tanzanian mountains. Yes, it’s a newcomer when compared to most coloured gemstones, but what tsavorite lacks in ancient history, it is making up for in current popularity.

With a hardness of 7.25 to 7.5, tsavorite is about the same hardness as emerald, but a lot more durable and easier to look after. This is great news for anyone who loves the grassy green colour, but has been told to steer clear of emeralds for everyday jewellery, like an engagement ring. In fact, ladies who prefer a coloured gem to a diamond in their engagement ring should most definitely consider the lively freshness of the tsavorite – gorgeous on its own or set with diamonds of any size.

At Mark Solomon Jewellers we boast a wide selection of recently acquired tsavorite in various cuts and sizes, all of the highest quality and accompanied with laboratory certificates.  Visit our showroom today to see this striking gem in person, or contact our sales team for more information.

With master goldsmiths and a team of highly qualified jewellery designers at our premises in Sea Point, we can design and manufacture your dream ring, pendant, earrings; you name it, according to the strictest standards of quality and at highly competitive prices.

When it comes to spoiling yourself or a loved one with something amazing this winter, remember green is for go!

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