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Pear Cut Diamonds

An age-old favourite among diamond connoisseurs, consider a Pear Cut diamond for sheer brilliance and classic style.

Pear Cut Diamonds

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Shape Weight Clarity Colour Comments Certification
Pear Cut 0,532 I1 L (ecg) Eye Clean EGL
Pear Cut 0,570 I2 Vivid Orange Yellow Eye Clean
Pear Cut 0,590 SI2 L GIA
Pear Cut 0,950 VS1 G GIA
Pear Cut 0,950 VS2 Natural Fancy Brown Yellow GIA
Pear Cut 0,977 SI2 H EGL
Pear Cut 0,990 VVS1 Fancy Yellow GIA
Pear Cut 1,010 SI2 I GIA
Pear Cut 1,015 SI3 L EGL
Pear Cut 1,030 I1 M GIA
Pear Cut 1,050 I1 Vivid Fancy Brownish Yellow  EGL
Pear Cut 1,090 SI2 M GIA
Pear Cut 1,110 SI2 Fancy Deep Brown Orange GIA
Pear Cut 1,130 SI2 K GIA
Pear Cut 1,260 I1 Natural Fancy Dark Brown Yellow GIA
Pear Cut 1,700 SI2 I EGL
Pear Cut 2,048 SI2 Intense Fancy Brown EGL
Pear Cut 2,170 SI1 Size of 2.50ct GIA
Pear Cut 2,310 VS1 G ) Matching Pair GIA
Pear Cut 2,240 VS1 F ) GIA

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