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Other Fancy Cut Diamonds

Having the largest selection of loose diamonds under one roof in South Africa, our range includes the rarest and most special diamonds cuts.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

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Shape Weight Clarity Colour Comments Certification
Marquise Cut 0,208 I1-2  Vivid Yellowish Orange Eye Clean
Marquise Cut 0,218 VS D
Marquise Cut 0,250 I1 M (Hue)
Marquise Cut 0,690 SI2 Faces up Light Yellow GIA
Marquise Cut 0,980 SI1 K GIA
Marquise Cut 1,010 SI2 J GIA
Marquise Cut 1,020 SI1 GIA
Marquise Cut 1,060 SI2 K GIA
Marquise Cut 1,740 VVS2 H GIA
Heart Cut 0,160 SI2 Vivid Yellow Green
Heart Cut 0,240 SI1 Vivid Golden Yellow
Heart Cut 0,250 SI2 Vivid Brown Yellow
Heart Cut 0,500 SI2 Natural Deep Brownish Orangey Yellow GIA
Heart Cut 0,891 VS1 Medium Champagne EGL
Heart Cut 0,900 I1 Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orangey Yellow GIA
Heart Cut 0,960 SI1 I GIA
Heart Cut 0,990 SI2 Natural Fancy Deep Yellowish Orange GIA
Heart Cut 1,074 SI1 Vivid Fancy Yellow EGL
Heart Cut 1,150 VS2 Natural Fancy Yellow GIA
Heart Cut 2,070 I2 Natural Fancy Deep Brown Orange Eye Clean GIA