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Emerald and Radiant Cut Diamonds

For a classic appearance with clean lines and immaculate style, Emerald Cut diamonds provide the perfect mix of class and statement chic.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

See an emerald or radiant cut diamond you like? Call or email to speak with one of our highly qualified designers.

Shape Weight Clarity Colour Comments Certification
Emerald Cut 0.49 VVS1 H Part of matching pair GIA
Emerald Cut 0.52 VVS2 I Part of matching pair GIA
Emerald Cut 0.491 VS2 F EGL
Emerald Cut 0.515 VS2 I EGL
Emerald Cut 0.527 VS2 I EGL
Emerald Cut 0.551 VS1 I Baguette EGL
Emerald Cut 0.571 VVS2 H EGL
Emerald Cut 0.643 VS2 G Baguette EGL
Emerald Cut 0,700 VS1 E EGL
Emerald Cut 0,703 VS2 E GIA
Emerald Cut 0,710 SI1 Size of 1.00ct  GIA
Emerald Cut 0,717 SI1 Modified baguette EGL
Emerald Cut 0,736 VS2 G DIA
Emerald Cut 0,793 VVS2 H EGL
Emerald Cut 0,830 VS2 Size of 0.90ct GIA
Emerald Cut 0,861 VS1 Baguette EGL
Emerald Cut 0,894 SI2 Size of a 1.00ct EGL
Emerald Cut 0,910 SI1 I GIA
Emerald Cut 0,916 VS2 G EGL
Emerald Cut 1,020 VS1 I GIA
Emerald Cut 1,060 VS2 F GIA
Emerald Cut 1,065 SI2 H EGL
Emerald Cut 1,070 VS1 H GIA
Emerald Cut 1,083 SI1 H EGL
Emerald Cut 1,160 VS2 Size of 1.30ct EGL
Emerald Cut 2,000 VVS2 D GIA & EGL
Emerald Cut 2,680 VS1 GIA
Emerald Cut 3,01 VS1 E GIA
Radiant Cut 0,457 SI2 I EGL
Radiant Cut 0,500 VS1 J GIA
Radiant Cut 0,560 VS2 I GIA
Radiant Cut 0,630 VVS1 J GIA
Radiant Cut 0,680 I1 J GIA
Radiant Cut 0,772 SI2 K EGL
Radiant Cut 0,780 VS1 F GIA
Radiant Cut 0,822 I1 K EGL
Radiant Cut 1,000 VS1 Fancy Light Brownish Yellow  Square GIA
Radiant Cut 1,000 VS1 G Square  EGL
Radiant Cut 1,000 SI2 Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange GIA
Radiant Cut 1,020 SI2 I GIA
Radiant Cut 1,028 SI3 K DIA
Radiant Cut 1,050 VS2 J GIA
Radiant Cut 1,080 SI2 J GIA
Radiant Cut 1,350 VS2 F GIA
Radiant Cut 1,360 SI2 Light Fancy Yellow  Cushion Shape Size Of 1.60ct EGL
Radiant Cut 1,370 VS2 Natural Fancy Brown Pink GIA
Radiant Cut 2,190 Great SI2 Size of 2.50ct GIA
Radiant Cut 3,990 VS1 F GIA