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Rare Tanzanite

Rare Tanzanite, unique to Africa, is a precious gemstone with distinct hues ranging from luscious blues to luxurious purples. Tanzanite is one of the world’s …

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The 4 C’s – Getting to Know Diamond Colour

What is diamond colour? We’ve discussed diamond cut and diamond clarity at length, now let’s move on to the importance of understanding diamond colour when …

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Warmth & Luxury; the Sparkle of Cape Diamonds

Are you considering choosing a Cape diamond for your engagement ring or perhaps wondering what Cape diamonds really are? Read on to find out more …

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Purchasing Diamonds from Mark Solomon Jewellers

Why Purchase Diamonds from Mark Solomon Jewellers? Read on to find out more about why you should be purchasing diamonds from Mark Solomon Jewellers, one …

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The Mystique, Myths and Healing Power Of Gemstones

Exploring the history and lore of gemstones Gemstones, with their gorgeous iridescence and a wide array of colours, have fascinated civilizations for thousands of years. …

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The Custom Made Jewellery Process

Custom Made Jewellery in Cape Town Custom made jewellery pieces are the epitome of the personalised gift. Whether you’re looking for a custom engagement ring, …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Diamonds & Fine Jewellery

A few of our most frequently asked questions: Do you work with silver? Silver jewellery is most often made of sterling silver (925 silver).  It …

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The True Story: Sparkling Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets, originally referred to as eternity bracelets or line bracelets, have been a favourite among jewellery lovers for generations. These pieces encircle the …

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The Four C’s – Getting to Know Diamond Cut

What is Diamond Cut? Of all the 4C’s, diamond cut is the one most directly influenced by man, whereas the other three C’s; clarity, colour …

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The Historical Allure of Diamonds

Follow the allure of these remarkable gems across the globe as we investigate the history of diamonds The Historical Allure of Diamonds While many people …

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Rare Tsavorite – a lush display of green beauty

Rare Vivid Green Vivid. Vivid best describes top-quality tsavorite, which when expertly cut is a fiery, vibrant green lit up from within. Green is the …

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yellow gold swivel ring

Swivel Rings & Slider Bracelets – Jewellery with a Twist

Looking for that something different?  Our innovative swivel rings and slider bracelets are the answer. Contemporary and elegant designs that you can play with. Swivel …

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September is for Sapphires

Whether for a birthday gift, anniversary surprise or simply to spoil yourself, celebrate with sapphires this September! September’s birthstone is the sapphire. Traditionally known as …

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Wedding Day Jewels – Earrings

So you’ve got the ring, the dress and the shoes for your big day. What’s left? Earrings, of course! If nothing else, a pair of …

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Diamond Cluster Ring | Diamond ring set in rose gold with floral styled double halo of diamonds | For the love of rose gold

For the Love of Rose Gold

On trend and here to stay, rose gold will make your collection blush Rose gold – by now we’ve all heard of it, we’ve all …

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Reclaiming the classics | The most iconic jewellery pieces

Reclaiming the classics

Let’s discuss reclaiming the classics of fine jewellery and take a look at some of the most iconic jewellery pieces and how these can cater …

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African Sunshine – The story

As part of our tribute range to Africa, we recently brought to life a showstopper neck piece inspired by the African sun, the glorious African …

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Buying Diamonds Online | A laptop and diamond ring illustrating the risks of buying diamonds online

The risk and reality of buying diamonds online

Buying diamonds online makes a lot of E commerce business sense, as it provides consumers with a world of options, and the convenience of making …

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unusual diamond cuts | a selection of unusual diamond cut including trilliant diamond, rose cut diamond and shield cut diamond

Unusual diamond cuts

Unusual diamond cuts challenge us to shift how we think of ‘diamonds’. The image we have is most commonly of the round brilliant cut. Although …

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Celebrating the ladies who love jewellery

It’s August already and winter is drawing to a close in Cape Town. With National Women’s Day coming up this month, we’re celebrating the ladies …

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Understanding gemstone hardness

When purchasing diamonds or coloured gemstones, it is important to consider the stone’s hardness and how this will tie into the purpose of the piece …

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The jewellery you didn’t know you need – until now!

Yes, every lady of style needs diamond stud earrings, a gorgeous eternity ring, a timeless string of pearls and a tennis bracelet (why not). But …

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Winter Wonders for your Jewellery Box

Winter is looming here in Cape Town, and brings with it an array of interesting new trends in jewellery. So, now that your flowy summer …

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Diamonds, Rubies and Pearls – The Epitome of Legend

Diamonds Standing alone with a Moh’s hardness of 10, diamonds have been carried into battle on armour and donned the surface of space travelling vessels …

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ring sizes | graph depicting different ring sizes

The golden rules of ring sizes

Choosing the perfect ring in terms of style, stone size and all-round sparkle is often so exciting that we forget an incredibly crucial element – …

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A Few More Frequently Asked Diamond Jewellery Questions

What are black diamonds? Famous for their metallic gloss, black diamonds are gaining popularity in the engagement ring market thanks to their off-beat beauty and …

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Tsavorite gemstones

Tsavorite – The New Must-Have Green Gemstone

When we think of gorgeous green gemstones, our minds naturally jump to emerald. Yes, emeralds are gorgeous, precious and rich in history, but these regal …

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diamond cut

Understanding diamond-cut quality

When researching diamonds, potential buyers will inevitably come across the 4 C’s; namely colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. Understanding diamond-cut quality is extremely important. …

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Mothers Day | Pink Roses with a Mothers Day message.

Perfect Mother’s Day jewellery for every kind of mom

With Mother’s Day only three weeks away, shopping for the ideal gift can get stressful. Let’s start by narrowing things down to the ultimate essential; …

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Taking your bit of South Africa home

As any avid traveller knows, treasures collected when visiting an exotic destination make for great memory boosters and conversation starters at home – even years …

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Diamond Engagement Rings 101 – A Practical Guide to Buying Diamonds

As with any big purchase, shopping for the perfect engagement ring is about finding an option you love at a price you are happy with. …

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Diamond Jewellery Trends for 2016

With the American award season in full swing, the red carpet has given designers all over the word a glimpse into what trends we can …

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Diamond Ideas for a Golden Valentine’s Day

Yes, it’s that time of the year already. Sweethearts are drafting their love letters and restaurants bookings are harder to come by. Best you too …

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Coloured Gemstone Jewellery to Suit Your Pocket

In the current economic climate, we all need to save where we can. Luckily for jewellery lovers and fashionistas, cost effective coloured gemstone jewellery is …

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Dancing diamonds start a jewellery revolution

Technology in the jewellery industry is progressing at a rapid pace, which means today’s diamond lover is truly spoilt for choice in terms of design …

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Re-modelling vs. making new jewellery

These days we are all trying to save where we can. Luckily tight budgets don’t have to prevent jewellery lovers from investing in new, custom-made …

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Some good-to-know diamond terminology

Nobody likes feeling out of their depth, least of all when it comes to a big purchase like a diamond or engagement ring. Familiarise yourself …

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The Advantages of Certified Diamonds

When first entering the world of diamonds, potential buyers infallibly learn the four C’s – a crucial lesson in understanding the way diamonds are graded. …

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The Basics of Caring for Your Jewellery

Although fine jewellery is gorgeous by definition, a lot of sparkling beauties struggle to live up to their potential when mistreated. To make the most …

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The History of Diamonds in South Africa

In 1859 the first diamond discovery was made in South Africa; however South Africa’s diamond heritage stems from a pretty little pebble picked up on …

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Our Diamonds & Fine Jewellery: The Loveliest Gift of All.

Ever since they were first incorporated into fine jewellery roughly a thousand years ago, diamonds have adorned the royal, the noble, and the exquisite. Diamonds …

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Rare & Beautiful: Tanzanite Jewellery

From the Eastern most reaches of Africa in the country of Tanzania, home to the magnificent Serengeti with its abundant wildlife, and the awe-inspiring grandeur …

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Our Diamonds

When entering Mark Solomon Jewellers landmark Cape Town jewellery store, our passion for South African diamonds becomes evident! We carry one of the largest selections …

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Our Profile

Mark Solomon is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and owner of the landmark Cape Town jewellery store bearing his name.  Since it’s …

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South Africa’s Premier Jeweller

For over 30 years, Mark Solomon has been renowned as one of the leading manufacturing jewellers in Cape Town. Having a passion for diamonds and …

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