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The True Story: Sparkling Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets, originally referred to as eternity bracelets or line bracelets, have been a favourite among jewellery lovers for generations. These pieces encircle the …

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The Four C’s – Getting to Know Diamond Cut

What is Diamond Cut? Of all the 4C’s, diamond cut is the one most directly influenced by man, whereas the other three C’s; clarity, colour …

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The Historical Allure of Diamonds

Follow the allure of these remarkable gems across the globe as we investigate the history of diamonds The Historical Allure of Diamonds While many people …

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diamonds to delight for valentine's day | Diamonds for Valentine's | Valentine's gifts

Diamonds to Delight for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us Mid-February, it’s time to pick out the perfect gift to make this a day to remember and we are sure Cupid will agree that there is simply nothing better than a lasting gesture that will sparkle for years to come.

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Ring with loose diamonds and yellow danburite

Your Guide to Danburite

What is Danburite? If you’ve never heard of danburite, you’re likely not alone! The reason it doesn’t roll off the tongue when talking stones is …

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Rare Tsavorite – a lush display of green beauty

Rare Vivid Green Vivid. Vivid best describes top-quality tsavorite, which when expertly cut is a fiery, vibrant green lit up from within. Green is the …

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